We invite you to join us for a special on-line event today, May 18, 2021 (Tuesday) at 16.00 hours where we will present the theological study programs and student life at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia.

To join us at 16.00 hours, click on the link: https://conference22.evtos.hr/

ETS is an internationally recognized institution with accredited study programs in theology established to train pastors, emerging leaders and lay persons in biblical and theological studies within the contexts of church and wider society. Our theological library in Osijek is among the richest in Southeast Europe, and our student dorm has just been fully renovated.

Our lecturer, Julijana Mladenovska-Tešija, conducted a research on the politics of non-violence and the local elections in 2021, together with the Politike nenasilja association from Osijek, and their partner institutions RAND and Miramida. The results were presented on May 12, via Zoom, with the help of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

The next "Care of Creation" Session will take place on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 13:00-14:30 CET.
Everyone is welcome to join freely via Zoom (and prior registration at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BBTM9V1BEB07SN0yZntdqExqMTziskVftiGeIe-PDeU/viewform?fbclid=IwAR1buvV8tCGbPDrT0Qp4cPIs0cfc6igrBatgk8zclNKPuj4RF4objMIdUrU&edit_requested=true).

Ed Brown, Director of Care of Creation, US, will share about the world-wide church movement on Caring for Creation, and we will have the opportunity to look closely at the "work" of Creation Care using passages from Genesis 1 and 2 as principles of stewardship.

All first-year, degree-seeking applicants, are eligible to be considered for merit scholarship!

All applicants for admission are automatically considered for the scholarship program provided that they submit a complete admission application by May 30. In addition to the completion of the existing student application form and standard necessary documents, all candidates need to fill out the scholarship application form including a written personal testimony of their Christian faith. In addition, undergraduate candidates are required to write a brief topical essay and graduate candidates are required to write an essay and provide a sample of previous academic writing.

These scholarships are given to 5 incoming undergraduate and 5 graduate students and equal full tuition.

All scholarship recipients are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Candidates can be accepted as students at this time even if they do not win the scholarship award (if, for example, more than 5 applicants apply for the scholarship, or not enough candidates sufficiently fulfill the criteria). Such students may still apply for need-based financial aid.

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Dear Colleagues and Alumni of ETS,

It is with sadness that we yet again announce the passing of a graduate of our seminary. Oksana Grigorieva-Raichynets, a 1994 graduate, passed away on April 11, 2021. Oksana served as the deputy dean for academic affairs at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kyiv. She served the seminary for the past fourteen years. She influenced thousands of students and leaders during that time.

The theological library in Osijek is among the richest in Southeast Europe

A recent new shipment from Boston has made our library richer by 20,000 books. The library now owns 140,000 books, with this contributing collected and sent by Christian Book Distributors.

We invite you to join us for the virtual memorial for our friend, colleague and brother, prof. dr. Corneliu Constantineanu, whose passing shocked, overwhelmed and saddened us.

With this farewell, we want to offer the opportunity to those who had the privilege to know him though our Seminary (over studies and lectures, ODC, CEAMS conferences, etc.) to share their memories, pay tribute, and to give everyone greater insight into the uniqueness of Corneliu.

The memorial will take place on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, at 4 PM (GMT +1), via Zoom.

Please register via the link (https://ceeams.org/memorial-service-corneliu-constantineanu/) by Monday to receive a link for the event on Tuesday.

ETS' planned theological integration conference on Christian conversion - “Christian Conversion: Multi-disciplinary, International and Ecumenical Perspectives,” has been postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. New dates have yet to be determined but we hope to host the conference in 2022 as one of the events celebrating ETS' 50th anniversary.

An Israelite, indeed, in whom is no guile (John 1:47 KJV).

It is with sadness that we received news of the death of our good friend and treasured colleague, Corneliu Constantineanu.

He was a faithful friend and co-worker, and a constant supporter of our seminary in Osijek, where he studied, taught, contributed to seminars, served as a dean, and later as a board member.

Corneliu’s heart was to be and to develop others to be “believing and practicing scholars.” This was a watchword with him early in his career as a theologian. He led by example. His faith was important to him and he was not ashamed to allow his faith to motivate and inform his scholarship. He inspired others to do the same.

Corneliu first came into the life of our seminary community as a student at the extension center at Elim Church in Timisoara, where courses were taught in the basement of that large and beautiful church. As a teacher I was immediately impressed by his cheerful spirit and guileless manner. In all the years of service Corneliu maintained a positive spirit and never allowed the normal setbacks and challenges of ministry to dampen his zeal or allow a cynical spirit to take root.

Corneliu loved his family. We can honor our colleague’s memory by praying for and encouraging his beloved wife Iona, and daughters Anna Maria and Carmen as well as his extended family. We can also intentionally pursue the worthy goal to which he devoted his professional life: to inspire and develop believing and practicing scholars who will serve church and society.