Institut za studij kršćanskog učeništva i svjetonazor

A Christian Study Center at ETS for the university in Osijek
The basic goals of the Institute are as follows:
  1. provide focused mentorship, biblical and theological teaching at the academic level and seminars that will connect different fields of science and the Christian worldview
  2. to spread the Christian worldview in the university community and other public educational institutions through personal friendships, public lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences and other events that explore the intersection and integration of faith and science
  3. encourage creative partnerships between ISKUS members and students for Christian service or projects
  4. to network and unite Christians from different Christian traditions who work in the same academic, professional or artistic fields
  5. in partnership with Christian youth ministries, reach out to high school and college students with theological resources to help them recognize their identity in Christ and integrate Christian attitudes into their personal calling