Institut za studij kršćanskog učeništva i svjetonazor

A Christian Study Center at ETS for the university in Osijek
Vision: ISKUS seeks to be a vibrant and intellectually robust Christian witness in Strossmayer university which integrates Christian faith with all academic and professional disciplines in order to equip students and professionals to live faithful Christian lives in their various vocational callings.
What ISKUS will do…
1) ISKUS will provide academic-level biblical and theological courses and seminars, as well as spiritual, academic and professional mentorship and discipleship, to a select group (maximum 24) non-theology Christian university students (ISKUS student fellows) at Strossmayer University in Osijek. 
2) ISKUS will seek to be a Christian witness to students, faculty and staff in general at Strossmayer University in Osijek through the development of personal friendships, and through public lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences and other events that explore the intersection and integration of faith, learning and leadership.
3) ISKUS will seek to help theology and ministry students at VETU/ETS, and ISKUS student fellows to form creative ministry partnerships to impact the wider culture. 
4) ISKUS will seek to unite and network Christians from diverse church and ministry backgrounds who are working in the same academic or professional fields.
5) ISKUS will seek to serve and partner with Christian youth and student ministries region-wide by developing resources to help young people understand their personal calling and grow in the integration of faith, learning, work, and life.