The Osijek Institute for Mission Studies (OSIMS) is a platform for academic reflection on the missionary practice of Church and mission in the societies of post-communist Europe.

Our motto: build bridges for holistic mission along the Danube.

Like the many bridges across the Danube, OSIMS seeks to serve as a bridge between East and West, focusing on:

  • Connecting evangelism and social involvement in holistic mission
  • Spanning the gap between lay people in the church and pastors
  • Linking theoretical reflection on and the practical involvement in mission work
  • Highlighting the cross-cultural dimension of mission in a context with various minorities in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Extending relations between Eastern Europe and Christianity in the global South
  • Communicating the Gospel in a relevant way, that in Jesus Christ the gap between God and men is bridged

The research program of OSIMS focuses on two independent but interconnected areas: Missiological trends and issues in Central and Eastern Europe and Roma Church/Christian Communities.

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