The mission of the Evangelical Theological Seminary is to promote theological higher education and spiritual growth, for missions and church ministry, amid the challenges of modern society. Answering the call to missions the Great Commission in the conditions which characterize the modern world, especially urban society, is growing in complexity. The need for excellent education and practical training of future church workers and ministers becomes a condition without which the Church is no longer able to effectively promote the evangelical message in the contemporary context of mega-trends: culture of globalization, democracy, increasing migration, explosion of knowledge, availability of information, communication technologies, polarization in wealth and knowledge, centralization of decision making and governance, urbanization, moral crises, local and regional conflicts and wars, and the exponential intensification of the rythm of life.

Such a modern social context puts additional and serious challenges in front of the Church and all of Christ's followers in effectively following their calling in executing Christ's last command: Go and make disciples of all nations ...


The vision of the Seminary is to be a leading Evangelical center for education and research in Christ-centered calling in Central and Eastern Europe and the world. The Seminary in Osijek is an international, inter-denominational, scientific and educational institution in the field of theology.
The purpose of the Seminary is to provide theological education, nurture and promote theological scientific disciplines and similar activities to help God’s people in strengthening their faith. The Seminary is a place of higher theological education for pastors, priests, preachers, evangelists, religious teachers and others ministering in the church. The Seminary advances theological science by performing scientific research work, equipping students for independent work in science, preparing them for the complexity and diversity of pastoral work.
The beliefs and principles of the Seminary are in line with the Apostle’s Creed, the Nicene creed and the Lausanne covenant.

The Seminary with its mission and vision aims to increase the visibility and recognition of active role of theology in culture, society and the wider community.