The managing board manages the School, protecting the legitimate interests of students, lecturers, employees and the co-founders of the School. It currently has fourteen members, five of which are ex officio representatives of the founders, and others suggested and co-opted by the members of the managing board. The managing board takes care of the implementation of activities of the School in accordance to the Law on Science and higher education, by the Contract establishing the School, and the Statute of the School. It is also responsible for the rational use of material, financial and human resources, makes by-laws in accordance with the Statute, makes the Statute of the School, adopts the yearly financial calculation, decides on the contracts, the necessary investments and equipment procurement, gives consent to the dean for the conclusion of legal transactions over 50,000 Euro, or the equivalent value in Kuna calculated with the average exchange rate of Euro at the Croatian National Bank (HNB) on the date agreeing to the works, brings the codex of the School, and performs other tasks prescribed by the law.

The current managing board consists of:

  1. Bombara, Samuel, Chairman
  2. Andreev, Mirce,
  3. Banić, Branko,
  4. Cekov, Pavle, 
  5. Constantineanu, Corneliu,
  6. Foley, Tom, Vice-Chair
  7. Grabar, Daniel,
  8. Horvat, Ivica,
  9. Kovačević, Matej Lazar,
  10. Kuzmic, Franc,
  11. Manganello, James,
  12. Paulus, Steve,
  13. Špoljarić, Damir
  14. Volf, Miroslav,

and representatives without voting right

  1. Kuzmič, Peter, dean
  2. Stepp, Perry, head of the Bible Institute in Zagreb

The managing board of the School meets regularly twice a year.