From its humble beginning in 1972 in the basement of a local church in Zagreb, former Yugoslavia, the Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETS) is now considered the flagship among evangelical schools in Eastern Europe. Established to train pastors and lay persons in biblical and theological studies, ETS was one of the few Protestant theological institutions to be opened under Communism anywhere in Central or Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union. Restrictions on religious freedom elsewhere in the region made ETS a strategic center for those seeking advanced ministerial training.

Today, hundreds of graduates minister on all continents and in more than 40 nations. The seminary serves over 40 full-time and 200 part-time students who represent eighteen countries and nine denominations.

Graduates have pioneered churches and Christian ministries of various kinds including radio programs, Christian education television and video ministries, and students' ministries. ETS faculty and students have played an integral role in the operation of AGAPE relief ministries, pioneered the publishing of Christian literature, established camps for children, organized Christian symposia, etc. Many of the graduates work as leaders with InterVarsity, Campus Crusade and other international Christian bodies including relief and prison ministries. They have made a tremendous impact for Christ and His Kingdom, not only under the difficult times of Communist rle, but especially now in the post-Communist era where their ministries are blossoming from Albania to Armenia. The seminary has served as a significant bridge between the East and the West.

ETS also initiated theological education by extension in several post-Communist countries in Eastern Europe and today some of these extension centers have developed into residential schools. ETS is recognized by the Croatian Government and along with ministerial training, the Seminary has the unique privilege of providing theological education for school teachers who are then qualified to teach religion in public schools. Additionally, ETS has received government recognition for being a leader in Christian higher education and for "its unique contribution to society and culture".

Today, the seminary is both international and interdenominational in character and vision, seeking to train a new generation of leadership for the church emerging from Communist oppression. We reflect on God's faithfulness to the school over the past thirty-five years, and look to the future emboldened by His love and grace.


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Latest News

  • Save the date: Theological Integration Conference, July 1–3, 2021

    ETS is organizing the theological integration conference on Christian conversion - “Christian Conversion: Multi-disciplinary, International and Ecumenical Perspectives” The conference on Christian conversion aims to be a scholarly and reflective inquiry into the Christian practice and experience of conversion from a variety of relevant academic disciplines, national-cultural contexts, and ecclesial traditions, with special care to address the topic within the context of Central and Eastern Europe. The conference will include presentations of academic papers from keynote speakers and accepted submissions from an open call for papers, as well as planned interactive sessions on designated topics. Publication of an anthology of some or all presented papers will be sought with the goal of publication by October, 2022 in celebration of VETU-ETS’s 50th anniversary. More about the conference...
  • New deadline for Merit-Based Scholarship for Early applicants - May 31st!

    All first-year, degree-seeking applicants, are eligible to be considered for merit scholarship!
  • Merit-Based Scholarship for Early applicants (until May 15th!)

    All first-year, degree-seeking applicants, are eligible to be considered for merit scholarship!
  • Suspension of classroom-based instruction

    All schools of higher education in Croatia, including our own, received instructions from the Government to suspend our regular classes for two weeks. Our professional board has decided, due to a number of its students coming from distant regions and the possibility of a further extension of this period, that VETU will suspend regular classroom-based instruction for one month and that we will continue with our regular classroom instruction from April 20th. All of our courses will continue with online-based instruction according to our normal schedule - our lecturers will upload their materials on the course pages within (Moodle), students are to be in contact with their lecturers and continue to do assignments as set by their lecturer. Each student has the user information and is enrolled within the system in the courses he / she is attending this semester. The lecturer communicates with students through the aforementioned pages, sends messages, uploads materials, records content, and in the event of problems with the system, will use e-mail to inform the support group.
  • Merit-Based Scholarship for Early applicants (until April 30th!)

    All first-year, degree-seeking applicants, are eligible to be considered for merit scholarship!