About the Collection

The library contains about 100,000 volumes of specialized literature for theological study and research. The core strength of the collection is in the classical disciplines of theological studies, with emphasis on biblical studies. The library has a significant collection of Christian periodicals, with an emphasis on scholarly journals in the fields of theology and religion.

The Reference Collection

The reference collection, located on the second floor of the library, contains theological series such as The Word Biblical Commentary, The Anchor Bible Commentary, The New International Bible Commentary, as well as atlases, indexed bibliographies, lexicons and various dictionaries. The collection also has multi-volume works such as The Oxford Encyclopaedia of the Reformation, The Oxford Encyclopaedia of the Ancient-Near East, Ancient Mediterranean Civilization, etc. In addition to the above, the reference collection contains primary writings of key Christian writers and theologians.

The Archival Collection

The library preserves archival materials relevant to the history of the Church in Southeast Europe. The project of collecting, classifying and digitizing archival materials is ongoing.