All first-year, degree-seeking applicants, are eligible to be considered for merit scholarship!

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All applicants for admission are automatically considered for the scholarship program provided that they submit a complete admission application by May 15. In addition to the completion of the existing student application form and standard necessary documents, all candidates need to fill out the scholarship application form including a written personal testimony of their Christian faith.
In addition, undergraduate candidates are required to write a brief topical essay and graduate candidates are required to write an essay and provide a sample of previous academic writing.

These scholarships are given to 5 incoming undergraduate and 5 graduate students and equal full tuition.

All scholarship recipients are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Required candidate interviews (either in-person or via Skype) will be held the week of May 25–29, 2020. The VETU professional board will deliberate and decide on admissions and scholarship awards by June 3, 2020 and award recipients will be announced Friday, June 5, 2020. Candidates can be accepted as students at this time even if they do not win the scholarship award (if, for example, more than 5 applicants apply for the scholarship, or not enough candidates sufficiently fulfill the criteria). Such students may still apply for need-based financial aid.

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