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Cvjetkova 32, Osijek, Croatia


President - Peter Kuzmic, Th.D.
Academic Dean- Aleksandar Birvis, Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate Studies - Corneliu Constantineanu MTh, Ph.D.(cand.)
Assistant to the Academic Dean - Dejan Grkovic, B.Th., M.Sc., M.A. (cand.)
Residential Program for Teachers of Religious Education - Dejan Grkovic, B.Th., M.Sc., M.A. (cand.)
Institute for Christian Psychological Counceling - Zoran Vargovic, M.A.
Institute for Christian Psychological Counceling - Vlasta Kuzmic, M.A.
Institute for Protestant Studies -
Institute for Church Music - Blazenka Targus-Skorak, B.A., M.A. (cand.)
Business Manager - Antal Balog, M.A Ph.D. (cand.)
Library Administrator - Ioana Constantineanu, A.Th., B.Sc.
Multimedia Center - Mario Casni , B.A., M.Sc. (cand).
Public Relations, Assistent - Maja Séguin, B.Th. (cand.)
Treasurer - Dr. Adam Spis
Accountant - Stojanka Dukic
Registrar - Melita Spoljaric, B.Th.
Building Manager - Inna Kotris, B.Th.
Secretary - Mojca Milic


Resident Faculty
Peter Kuzmic, Th.D. - Missiology
Aleksandar Birvis , Ph.D. - Church History
Damir Spoljaric, M.A. - Practical Theology
Corneliu Constantineanu MTh, Ph.D.(cand.) - New Testament
Dejan Grkovic, B.Th., M.Sc. M.A. (cand.) - Pedagogy & Christian Education
Nancy Overgaard, DMin. - Counseling
Antal Balog, M.A Ph.D. (cand.) - Church Administration
George Ainsworth, M.Div - Missiology
Carlolynn Ainsworth, B.A., M.Ed. - English
Kevin Conway, M.A. - Old Testament, Practical Ministries Coordinator
Greg Thellman, M.A. - English


Adjunct Faculty
Yordan Kalev Zhekov, MTh - Online Courses
Miroslav Volf, Th.D - Systematic Theology
Judy Gundry-Volf, Th.D - New Testament
Haden Wilmer, Ph.D, Systematic Theology
Carl Armerding, Ph.D. - Old Testament
Meic Pearse, D.Phil. - Church History
Gerald Shenk, Ph.D. - Sociology
Samuel Bombara, D.Min. - Practical Theology
Rollin Grams, Ph.D. - New Testament
Steve Paulus, M.Div. - New Testament
Wesley Brown, Ph.D. - Christian Ethics
Cheryl Brown, Ph.D. - Old Testament
Ksenija Magda, Ph.D. (cand.) - New Testament
Peter MacKenzie, M.Th. - Homiletics
Franz Kuzmic, M.A. - Church History
Danijel Berkovic, M.Th., Ph.D. (cand.) - Old Testament
Peter Davids, Ph.D. - New Testament
Kosta Milkov, M.A. - Christian Theology
Alex Neagoe, Ph.D. - New Testament
Silviu Rogobete, Ph.D. - Psychology of Religion & Postmodernity
Marcel Macelaru, MA, Ph.D. (cand.) - Old Testament
Steven Kurtz, MDiv, Th.D . (cand) - Old Testament
Michelle Kurtz, MA, Ph.D. (cand) - Christian Education


Visiting Faculty
Alex Kish, Ph.D.(cand.) - Church History
Jaroslav Pecnik, Ph.D.(cand.) - Philosophy
Lidija Matoševic, Ph.D - Systematic Theology
Dragutin Matak, Ph.D. - New Testament
Anica Kerep, B.A. - Christian Education
Dave Gable, Ph.D. - Pastoral
Brad Smith, Ph.D. - Christian Counseling
Gary McGee, Ph.D. - Church History
Myron Augsburger, Ph.D. - Social Ethics
George Flattery, Ph.D. - New Testament
Gordon Fee, Ph.D. - New Testament
Bruce Nicholls, Ph.D. - Missiology
Tim Tennent, Ph.D. - Missiology
Frank T. Willey, M.Div., M.A.R. - Practical Theology
Pastor Janos, Ph.D- Theology
Walter Elwell, Ph.D - Systematic Theology
Daniel Clendenin, Ph.D - Systematic Theology
David Gushee, Ph.D. - Christian Ethics
Nicu Dumitrascu, Ph.D -Systematic Theology
Stane Maticic, Ph.D- Moral Theology
Catherine Kroeger, PhD- Early Christianity
B. Bognar, Ph.D- Christian Education
Nancy Arsenovic, MA- Christian Education
Donald Joy, Ph D- Moral Theology
Tony Twist, PhD- Practical Theology
Daniel Darko, M.Th, MA, Ph.D (cand)- New Testament Studies and Ethics
Mladen Jovanovic, MA - Practical Theology
John R. Crawford, PhD -History Studies
William Lowery, PhH, Missiology
John Rowell, MTh, DMin - Missiology
Johannes Neudeck MA, Missiology
Mark Gornik, MA, Missiology
Jim Manganello, PhD- Counseling Studies
Philip Bellisario, MA - Counseling Studies
Ante Lauds, PhD - General Studies
Sinisa Zrinscak, PhD- General Studies
Ronald Youngblood, PhD, Old Testament
Nancy Lee, PhD, Old Testament
Chan Park, MTh, Old Testament
Marcia Munger, PhD - New Testament
Howard Marshall, PhD - New Testament
Rick Watts, PhD, -New Testament
Tamás Czövek, PhD, Old Testament
Chris Scobie, MA, Practical Theology







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