Spirituality Matters!


Insights in the Spiritual Dimension of Mission Theologies and Grassroots Missionary Practice in Central and Eastern Europe

A study track related to the Edinburgh 2010 project focused on the question: "What motivates and sustains us in mission?", concluding that mission spirituality and authentic discipleship would be an adequate response. It is said that probably the most far-reaching conclusion of this study process is that "spirituality is not an additional dimension of mission, but ... the first thing around which everything else ought to revolve.... Since God is the primary agent of mission and God works through the power of the Holy Spirit, it is through openness to the Spirit that mission takes effect in human life...it is through awareness of the work of the Holy Spirit that Christian mission finds its true character and has its authentic impact." (Ma, Wonsuk, and Kenneth R. Ross (eds.) Mission spirituality and authentic discipleship (2013), 8-9.

It is precisely these kind of questions, that the 2019 CEEAMS annual conference will explore. We invite you to contribute to the conversation on the relationship between spirituality and mission in a Post-Communist context with reflections addressing the issues at stake from a theological perspective.

Join us!

For more information, see: http://ceeams.org/2018/10/30/

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