The Seminary received accreditation for its study programs!

Although the Seminary has not enrolled students in the past few years, many other activities took place - we have organized seminars for pastors, conferences for mission workers, summer schools for researchers, and much more.

From the academic year 2018./2019. the Seminary offers enrollment in a professional program of theology and a specialist graduate professional study program of theology. In addition to the accreditation by the Ministry of education and science in Croatia, the Seminary is part of the organizational network of Evangelical theological seminaries in Europe (EEAA) from which we also received recognition affirming the high standard of our theological education.

The accredited study program of theology will enable students to live in the light of Christian world-view in church and society.

For whom is this study program?

The study program is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about God, the Bible and the world. It is for those who want to serve the society and its real problems; for those who want holistic growth through spiritual, academic and social activities; for those who want to develop their critical thinking, research and writing. All this is provided in the context of the international lectures and the leading theological library in this part of Europe.
The study program is focused on the education of pastoral and church workers in the knowledge of the Bible, Christian doctrine, church history, the context in which they live and Christocentric missionary world-view.
It is aimed at educating teachers in the field of Christian education, religion and catechesis.
This is a unique opportunity for religious teachers and educators!

What does the study program offer?

The study program introduces the study of biblical texts, Biblical languages, Christian doctrine, church history, counseling, ethics, sociology, philosophy, culture and important skills such as English, research and writing, pedagogical and rhetorical skills and informational literacy.
The aim is to prepare students for service in the church, para-church and other social institutions.

What makes us more accessible is the model of non-residential study: to those who are in full-time service such as religious educators who cannot replace their jobs with school benches, we offer the opportunity to study by attending intensive weeks in Osijek and fulfilling other requirements through our on-line platform.

Why our study programs?

Chose our study programs and join us in / because:
- helping churches shape future generations of leaders who will be equipped for the development of churches that will reach society for the Gospel;
- helping churches in a strategic expansion in the world;
- we want to educate and develop students who will be able to serve in their communities so that Christ will be glorified and His kingdom expanded in our countries;
- we offer a study in your environment that allows more regular student contacts with their local churches and pastors and the practical application of the learned in practice.

Contact us!

Feel free to contact us! We are ready to meet you so we can talk personally about the opportunities we offer and why we offer them!

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