Edited by Marcel V. Macelaru, Corneliu Constantineanu
Evanđeoski teološki fakultet,
Osijek, 2009.

Theological research is a complex undertaking. It requires diligence, long hours of work, the tackling of issues which many times challenge one's personal assumptions and the acceptance that as a profession it does not bring the material rewards other academic fields might offer. Nevertheless, it is also a most exciting endeavor, for it offers endless possibilities in terms of topics and method - a feast worthy of the attention of even the most industrious of researchers. The essays collected in this volume are offered as a tasting platter in the hope that the reader will feel compelled to partake in this feast.

The contributors to this volume come from various national, denominational and academic backgrounds. However, they share an interest in theological research and education in Eastern Europe and they are all lecturers at Evanđeoski teološki fakultet in Osijek, Croatia.